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The Trespassers: Journal

New album in the works - December 21, 2011

Howdy! Welcome to our website, and thanks for visiting. You're probably here to check out our calendar and pick which show you'll attend next. Well, have at it! We have several more winter shows that are still in the works, but we'll add them to our website as they are finalized. If you live in Yosemite, the Bay Area, Mammoth, Mariposa, Lake Tahoe, you'll be happy to know that we're coming your way. If you wish that we were coming your way, please put us in touch with a venue in your area, and we'll do our best to come visit. Thanks for the ongoing support. We are so blessed to have played together as The Trespassers for eight years now, and we'll continue to enjoy traveling, playing music, hanging out, and recording. Speaking of recording, you can look forward to a live album in the next few months. We (well, Peter Bogle, our dear friend) recorded 17 shows this past summer and fall, and we selected about that many songs (19) to mix together onto our first live album. We hope that it'll be available to you in February or March. If you don't have one of our first two albums, get one of those first by visiting our "Buy our CDs" link. Friends, we love you! Have a wonderful Holiday season. See you very soon. Love, Sarah and The Trespassers

Finishing a recording - September 21, 2011

hey folks. happy fall! we've got some new dates posted on our calender. check it out. our winter schedule is looking good with some possible special nights in the bay area this winter, and our usual spots too. all summer long we've been recording all our shows and plan on making a live cd this winter. hope to see you all out there. and we hope everyone is having a bountiful harvest season. peace!

Summer Schedule - June 11, 2011

hello friends. summer is creeping in here in california and the trespassers are alive and well. our woha nellie dellie mobil mart show in lee vining is coming up soon on june 16. hopefully tioga pass will be open. we will be updating our summer schedule here on the website real soon. and we have a great summer schedule. of course for the seventh year in a row we'll be playing for the mariposa art park summer concert series at the great cousin jack ampitheatre on july 16. and a bunch of other great shows that will be up real soon. we finally have one of our live shows up for free download here on the website also. it's from the crepe place in santa cruz a couple of months ago with fritz on the fiddle. we plan on taking advantage of our live archive of music recorded by our good buddy peter bogle. every month or so we're going to post a new live trespassers show. also, i think there are some new trespassers you tube's. we hope you're all doing well and to see you soon. peace!

Thanks, friends! - March 20, 2011

woooo! allright. thanks so much everyone who came out to support the trespassers on our three night tour. cedar lodge was great for the second annual st. paddy's day celebration, and some of our best showings yet in san fran and santa cruz. we've got a great summer schedule falling into place. the tenth annual carter music festival is june 3rd and 4th! can't wait. this is our hometown festival and get's better every year. the lineup of music is awesome. we also have three mobil mart shows this summer in lee vining on the banks of mono lake at the foot of the high sierra. in late july we're opening for crooked still in groveland at mountain sage. and a bunch of other shows. our calendar will be updated soon. peace!

St. Patrick's Day - March 2, 2011

hey folks. thanks again so much. we had a great three show run in yosemite last weekend. what a treat! two nights at the caribiner loft and a day a badger pass. bronco and tarantula even got some good powder turns in. we're rapidly aproaching st. patrick's day and for the second year straight, we're going to take over the cedar lodge in the merced river canyon. that will be the first night of a three night run for us. march 18 will be our first time to play the plough and stars in san francisco and march 19 the crepe place in santa cruz. fritz will be holding down the fiddle in san fran and santa cruz and sarah will be playing with us at cedar lodge for st. patrick's day. hope to see you out there. peace!

Winter Run - January 25, 2011

Hello to all. The Trespassers are preparing to get busy playing music though out central California the next three months, and would like to invite you folks to come and check out a show. Further details are on our Calender. We have new material, and new venues to play in. We are particularly excited about playing in Mammoth Fri. Jan 28th With the Core Shots and Fri. Feb 18th at Peri's,(Fairfax) part of the San Francisco Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Festival. Many other great shows as well. Hope to see you out there.

End of year - December 29, 2010

well alright! the trespassers are alive and well. we had another great year of traveling and performing live stringband music. thanks to all of you who have stuck with us throughout the years and continued to support and enjoy our music. we have a great winter and spring 2011 schedule lined up. check our calendar for dates. if you're ever in the mariposa area on a wed. night this winter check out the river rock inn. tarantula is the resident musician at the river rock this winter playing solo and with special guests every wed. from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. you might catch a rare solo gut string skin head banjo performance, or you might catch him trying out new material and super old stuff. hope to see you out there and have a great year. peace!

Western Front is finished! - November 23, 2009

WOOOHOOOO! Thank you all for supporting our hard work during the recording and producing of our new album, and thank you for your patience! Our new album is finally here, and you can get your hands on WESTERN FRONT now!

The process began about a year ago when we started laying down one track at a time in BennyLee's living room. As we figured out the acoustics, Ben and Ben put a lot of time into moving things around, changing setting, adjusting microphones, adding blankets to the walls and in front of windows.... Who knew that they were sound technicians, but they're incredibly smart and intuitive, so we were able to create good sound in that living room.

The song writer, either Bronco or Andy, recorded a "ghost track" with vocals and rhythm instrument (guitar or banjo), then BennyLee put down the first keeper track for each song, listening to that ghost track in his headphones as the bass was being recorded. From there we built upwards one track at at time: guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocal 1, vocal 2, sometimes vocal 3, and even a couple times vocal 4. We really dove into the recording in December and January, and by the end of February, most of the recording was done. Some tracks were kept after the first take, some tracks were recorded 100 times before we got a keeper. Some days were triumphant, accomplishing a few keepers in a few hours. Other days were frustrating.

There were meals shared, walks through the garden, a few massages given, cigarettes smoked, and not only did 14 great recordings come out of the time, but our friendships deepened, and our appreciation for each other's strengths grew. It was a process that involved an immeasurable amount of learning.

From BennyLee's house the recordings went to Berkeley, accompanied by Ben, Ben, and Andy. They spent three full days with the mixer/masterer named Charlie. Charlie used a computer to tweek and twist and tamper with our recordings, in order to make them clearer, cripser, and cleaner. The guys gave Charlie their vision for the final product and left the final touches in Charlie's hands. Then, Charlie hung onto the album for a couple months, messing with a little each week until it was up to snuff for his standards and ours. The final mastering happened, and he sent the data files to Oasis CD in New Jersey.

In the meantime Bronco Ben and his mom, Letha, spent a lot of time looking through old, public domain photos of California: the central valley, the Sierra Nevada foothills, hunting, mining, logging, damming. They chose several photos that fit themes of our album and thoughtfully put together a plan for the graphics of our album's casing and booklet. The lyrics were typed up and edited. Bronco and Andy met with a local graphic designer and friend, Trace. Trace plugged our design into Oasis' templates and moved little things around to make the graphics look better. Trace sent these files to Oasis, and after a few final editing exchanges, Oasis had everything they needed at the quality standard we wanted it. Then, we just had to wait three more weeks, as Oasis CD manufactured 1,000 copies of Western Front and mailed them from New Jersey to California.

I received the CDs in the mail a few weeks ago, distributed them to band members, and we were all so relieved and thrilled with the way our album turned out. After sorting out our schedules, we've been able to schedule two local CD release parties, and we are so ready to get this album in the hands of all our friends, fans, and listeners. I hope you all enjoy this themed album that has really been three years in the making. Thanks for reading and hope to see you very soon.

Gonna dance with the dead? - September 22, 2009

greetings and thanks for checking up on the trespassers. for the fourth year in a row we are pleased to announce that we'll be playing at Las Tortugas Dance of the Dead. this is an incredible halloween festival at the evergreen lodge oct. 29-nov. 1, with some of our all time favorite bands like, The Mother Hips, and Blue Turtle Seduction to name a couple. to add to the excitement, we'll also have copies of our brand new cd, "western front." we've been working on the cd for a little over a year and are very excited to share it with you all. happy harvest. peace!

Update from Sarah - still in the band, will be for a long time! - July 9, 2009

THE MOBIL STATION! What a unique place. We're gearing up this afternoon for our first Mobil show of the season. It just so happens to be one of our very favorite venues - maybe top three, maybe top two, maybe top one. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've got to make your way to Lee Vining, CA, where US Highway 395 and CA Highway 120 meet. The town is only 12 miles from the eastern entrance to Yosemite and overlooks Mono Lake, which is an anomaly in itself (at 2 1/2 times the saltiness of the Pacific Ocean). So, this gas station has a really fantastic restaurant (famous for it's fish tacos, but the veggie burger is my favorite budget item on the menu). In fact, they catered my wedding a couple years ago, and many folks said it was the best wedding food they'd ever had. But in addition to great (and classy) food at a gas station, they also have live music and an unbelievable scene. We usually play there three times a summer - this year my work schedule is so intense that we could only make two dates work - and the live music is on Thursday nights, because there are actually TOO many people there on the weekends. So, hope you see you there tonight.

Many of you have been so supportive of us over the past few years, and for those of you that encounter us regularly, you've probably seen another fiddler playing with the guys. I started a new job this May, and it is quite possibly the most rewarding job I've ever had, but definitely the most intense and exhausting job I've ever had. I work for a program called Adventure, Risk, Challenge, and I am directing a course based in Wawona (southern Yosemite). The instructors and I are working with ten highly-motivated high school students, for whom English is their second (or third or fourth) language. The course focuses on Leadership and Literacy. A lot of the leadership comes during the 19 days we spend in the backcountry, and most of the Literacy growth happens while we are at our base camp in Wawona. I teach Environmental Science with a literacy twist and cover all of the course's logistics. It is a delightful job in so many ways, but working 14 hours a day rarely allows me to play music. But tonight...!!!! I have missed playing with Ben, Ben, and Andy so much, but I have snuck away for a couple shows: at Mountain Sage, the Evergreen Lodge and the Bug Hostel. Tonight will be the last show I can play until mid-August, when I will fully be back on the bandwagon.

Meanwhile, a fantastic fiddler named Esther has been filling my shoes, and I've heard wonderful things about her talent and spirit. I'd love to play alongside her, but that day has yet to come. Our good friend, Fritz Baggit, has also been playing fiddle with the guys now and then. So, I want to thank you all for supporting us unconditionally, for appreciating our music, and for enjoying the fiddling, no matter who's playing. Thank you for giving me the grace and freedom to pursue my professional dreams, and thank you for making me feel wanted and loved. This summer has been rich with challenge and growth, and to me that is invaluable. Don't worry: I'm not going anywhere (Graham and I just bought a house), and The Trespassers are not going anywhere!

Many of you are probably curious about our new album, as we've been mentioning that in every update. We finished recording in early April, and the guys took the album to a studio to mix and master late-April. Unfortunately, this process has been time-consuming, and unless we're breathing down the neck of the professional, he's got a lot of other projects on his plate. So, the mixing has finally been finished, and the mastering should be a very quick, one-day project for him. We won't rule out a CD release at The Mobil on August 20th, but we definitely won't guarantee it. That had been our goal, but we've not had the control for a few months. So, keep your fingers crossed. It sounds great! I can't wait for you all to hear it, and I do believe it'll be worth the long wait.

So, if you're hoping to catch up with us this summer, we'll be at The Mobil Station tonight, playing from 6:30-10. Tomorrow, the guys will head to Mariposa, as I head into the backcountry, and they will be playing at the Mariposa Arts Park around 7 p.m. Both of these are free shows. This Saturday, the 11th, the guys will be playing at the Markleeville Death Ride, an annual cycling ride that draws people from all over the country. They will play at Turtle Rock Park, 2 miles north of Markleeville, from 4-8 p.m. Andy will be having some shows with his other band, The String Slingerz, later this month. In August, we'll play at The Mobil on the 20th, at a private party near South Lake Tahoe on the 21st, and at The Divided Sky in Meyers (near South Lake Tahoe) on the 22nd. That show will start sometime after 9 p.m. (another one of our favorite venues). Hope to see you sometime that busy weekend. On the 29th we will be playing at Mountain Sage, in Groveland, at 5 p.m. This is a show I have been looking forward to for months, as we will be opening for one of my favorite bands, The Duhks. Check out their website and music, if you have never heard them. That show costs $13 in advance, $16 at the door: Please come support a really special venue and an amazing business.

Now that you've gotten a very long-winded update, I hope we get to see you very soon. Stay in touch, and thanks to all who love our music. We love you!

Sarah, on behalf of The Trespassers

Finished Recording - May 9, 2009

howdy folks. sorry it has been so long since our last update. spring is a busy time of year for the trespassers. with the nice weather, wildflowers, swimmin' holes, gardening, work and endless other projects it's hard for us to find the time to sit down at the computer. but alas, here we are.

we played a great show at the tap last night in mammoth lakes. what a fun evening! thanks so much to our friends, family, and fans for the great support and energy.

i have finally updated our calender somewhat. check it out. there are still more summer shows to be added, but the ones in may, june and some of july have been added.

now for the big news! we have finally finished recording our new cd. yeee hawww! it's been a year in the works and we have been working super hard on it the last few months. it is now in the mastering process and we are looking for art for the cover. if anyone has an artwork the would like us to check out feel free to email us. we're hoping to release it at the mobil station show on july 9.

well allrighty for now. hope to see you soon. peace!

Yosemite Reflection - January 22, 2009

We had a truly enjoyable weekend in Yosemite Valley! Of course we all love to be in the Valley, but the two consecutive shows at the Mountain Room bar were off the hook.

Thanks to all of you who were there, the energy in the room was incredible. Saturday night our sets were upbeat and joyful. But folks were there to hear good music, so the quality was high, too. The dancing started with the first song, thanks to Dave Bainbridge. It usually takes an hour or so for people to loosen up and get a few drinks in there, so a long night of dancing was fun for all. Sunday night was a little less crazy, so we played some new music, some old, some songs we rarely play.... The dancing still started early, and it was fun to entertain a lot of tourists who's never heard us, as well as locals who always enjoy our music.

It was fun to be around a lot of our friends and co-workers, to be a part of a wet, fall weekend with great clouds and colors, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of El Capitan. We shared the trails and meadows with Allen Steck, George Whitmore, Wayne Merry, and Royal Robbins.

So, Yosemite Valley, we'll be back (well, here I am today). Thanks for appreciating our music and giving us your great energy. See you all soon.

Winter News - January 12, 2009

greetings. we would like to extend a big thanks out to our hometown community of mariposa and surounding area for the enormous support shown to us at our show earlier this month at the bug hostel. it was incredible. the diversity and energy of the crowd made for such a magical convergance of music and community. thank you mariposa, el portal, yosemite, bass lake and all the folks who came from even further. the next night at the starry plough in berkeley was awesome too. thanks to all the bay area folks who turned out to that show.

finally! an entire high quality live trespassers show available for free download at from one of our highlight shows. last springs' strawberry music festival performance.

Fall Frolicking - November 2, 2008

Hi Friends,

We've been having a wonderful fall season, mostly touring around the Sierra Nevada. Personally, it's my favorite season! We've been around some fantastic people and seen some spectacular fall color along many windy roads. And this past weekend we got our first winter storm of the year. It was pretty exciting to be camping at 5,000 feet in four days of serious rain. But the sun came out today. I went for a walk, and the birds were going crazy. I could see snow up on the ridge above my house, and it sure smells good.

The October highlight for me was playing at a Harvest Peace Festival at Intermountain Nursery in Prather. Prather is a small foothill town about 45 minutes south of me (where I now live in Bass Lake). These folks had asked us to play at this festival before, but this was the first year it worked out. It was a gorgeous and brisk fall day, and there were a couple hundred people at this nursery. I was so impressed with the huge native plant garden and so many local shrubs and trees for sale. The people were warm and excited for us to be there. We had some classic issues with the sound, but we played about a three hour set without taking a break, and I think everyone present had a great time. They'd built a really nice stage for this annual event that's been going on 16 years, I think, and there were plenty of hay bales for the spectators. Thanks to all of you were there enjoying our music and supporting such a great local event.

I'll let someone else give you the update of the exciting and wet Las Tortugas Dance of the Dead III. We played two long sets in the Tavern and had a blast enjoying one of our favorite venues in between other awesome sets of music. Unfortunately, I had to work two days of the festival, so I only got to see a few other bands, but the weekend was stacked with great music (The Mother Hips, Montana Slim, and Poor Man's Whiskey were some of our favorites).

We're looking forward to this coming weekend, when we'll be playing at The Mountain Room Bar at Yosemite Lodge in Yosemite Valley. We're playing two nights in a row, Saturday and Sunday, at 8 p.m. Whether it's sunny, and we all go climbing during the day, or it's raining, and we'd all like to be inside a great bar with a cozy fireplace in the middle of the room, it's bound to be a really nice weekend. Please come out and enjoy free great music. And come early if you want to enjoy some drinks with us.

On Friday, December 12th, we'll be playing at the annual Yosemite Winter Club Snow Ball. It's probably going to be in Wawona this year, but I will email again with more details. Come to support or join the Winter Club, have a great dinner and dance it up!

We're getting together our winter schedule, so check out our website, as we add to the calendar. Expect us in Berkeley on January 10th, in Tahoe late January/early February, and in Mammoth a little later in the winter. We'll be playing at The Loft in Yosemite Valley a couple times this winter, and as always we'll be at many of your weddings and friends' weddings and private parties in 2009.

See you all soon, I hope. Like we keep saying, expect our new album... sometime! It'll come.
Thanks for the support, enthusiasm, singing along, cheering, chanting, hugs, and love!
Sarah for The Trespassers

Reflection on Strawberry - May 26, 2008

We have just returned home after a very special event in our history. The Trespassers opened Strawberry Music Festival this past Thursday! Regardless of any time we've spent at Strawberry in the past, it was a huge honor. Being that we live in and around Yosemite and have been attending Strawberry Music Festival for many, many years, it was even more significant and memorable.

THANK YOU to so many of you who came to the festival early to support us. Our Brush Crew companions brought extremely strong numbers and enthusiasm. Many family members and friends also took off work to be there, and the cheering, dancing, whooping, and hollering infused us with energy and joy to be up on that stage. Every one of us was touched by the love and support that felt exactly like that of a family. You all were our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, even surrogate parents, and we're pretty certain you all were feeling something like familial pride. We could not have been there or played that set without you all.

For those of you that missed it, we were blessed to play one of the only sunny sets of the weekend. It was windy, and you could feel the 3-day storm moving in, but the crowd did get to bask in the sun (though wearing down jackets). Our set included fifteen songs, mostly originals. We tried to design an uplifting set, since we were kicking off the festival. The spirit of the music meadow was excited and positive, and everyone seemed to appreciate our unique songwriting and lyrical music. Several people were on their way from other parts of California and got to listen to our set on Hog Radio, yet the shared consensus was that the energy of that meadow and stage and the people dancing and singing along was irreplaceable.

Even if you didn't get to experience that energy firsthand, check out the pictures that we'll be posting, and come back to the website in a week. We'll receive a recording of our Strawberry set in a few days and hope to upload a few songs for your listening enjoyment.

If you've never seen us or just saw us for the first time, we're a mountain band but love to travel around now and then. Our shows will remain in the Sierra Nevada most of the summer, since we'll be working in the park full-time (and Sarah will be in Africa for the month of June), but we play at some of our favorite venues during the summertime: the Mobil station in Lee Vining, Mountain Sage in Groveland, the Mariposa Arts Park, Rock Creek Lodge near Mammoth. We just got a new shipment of 1,000 CDs of The High Lonesome Rambler, our record from 2006. That album is for sale at all of our shows for $10, as well as being available online at We're also recording a new album that we hope to have fully produced and for sale during 2008. Both albums are comprised of all original music.

Again, thank you all for appreciating and supporting local and original music. Hope to see many of you at the Carter Ranch Music Festival next weekend. We will be headlining on Saturday night. Visit for directions and schedule. Please email us anytime you have questions or would like us to visit your hometown. Enjoy looking at our photos and checking out our calendar.

The Trespassers

Goin to Strawberry - April 21, 2008

hey everybody! we're incredibly pleased to announce that the trespassers are officially the opening band for the 2008 spring strawberry music festival. this is huge for us. thanks everyone for the encouragement that has kept us going for the last three and a half years. our set is thursday may 22 at 5:00. we'll also be at the evergreen late on saturday may 24th. also our new cd is in the works. hope you all are well and hope to see you soon.

a friend of ours, pete bogle, has been graciously recording some of our shows in the last six months or so and joined forces with our other buddy john brown from recast records to put up a podcast of our live performance at the legendary starry plough in berkeley. it has some sweet special guests. check it out at we recently went into the music sumo/recast records studio and recorded a live pod cast interview that can be accessed from the music sumo website. it also has a few songs played trio style right there in the studio.

Step It Up Sierra Nov. 3rd was a great success. We saw about 250 people at The Mariposa Art Park demanding that our Representatives take responsibility to Step Up and address Global Warming. The Local Press recognized the significance of the event with a frontpage photo of The Trespassers jammin'. WooHoo! for LOCAL ACTION! To learn more about what you can do to fight Global Warming check out our link page.
The Trespassers crew are working on some new projects so look for shows featuring The Trespassers Trio (Benny Lee, Tarantula, and Bronco) and The Ben's (Ben Goger (Bronco), Ben Montoya, and Benny Lee), the hollow log jubilee (dave hubner, matt tyrell, and the tarantula), and moonshine string posse (megan, matt, dave, and tarantula).
Thanks to Clee, Tistria, and Mike Miller soon we will have Trespassers Tees! Look for the new merch at winter shows. and thanks to dave hubner you can now download the sunday night las tortugas tavern set for free at

We wish you many reasons for which to give thanks and celebrate in the new year.
Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!
The Trespassers

Summer's End - August 29, 2007

We've enjoyed a wonderful summer, and we're really looking forward to the lineup for the next couple of months, followed by our annual Nov-Dec leave of absence to rest, write/learn new music, and this year maybe start a new recording project. The biggest news from the last few months is that I, Sarah, got married!!! WOOHOO! I feel so blessed and grateful, as well as excited to continue the adventure of a life-long relationship. Thanks to all of you who have shared this joy with Graham and me.

Some highlights from our spring and summer season were playing at The Attic in Santa Cruz with an awesome lineup of bluegrass bands, several fabulous festivals, 3 shows at the legendary Mobil Mart in Lee Vining, opening for Hot Buttered Rum at Mountain Sage in Groveland, a beautiful evening pig roast party at Rock Creek Lodge, and Charlie Broten joining us on fiddle for my wedding reception.

Bronco Ben and BennyLee are continuing their work for the Park Service up in Tuolumne Meadows. They'll be up there until sometime in October, when they'll return to the lowlands of Mariposa for the "off" season. Andy's putting a lot of work into building his own home, which will hopefully be ready to move into in the spring. And I'm staying in El Portal, beginning the fall semester of teaching this coming week. All's well.

Ben and Andy have written a bunch of new music recently, which is exciting and what keeps us fresh. We're hoping to do a recording project this winter, another something to keep us on our toes. Hope you all have a chance to catch up with us soon.

Winter Tour '07: Snowflakes, seeds, and songs - February 22, 2007

Hi friends, family, fellow string band lovers~

We're goin' on tour! I requested a week of vacation from teaching a while back, and we've arranged a lovely not-so-restful schedule for the next nine days. We're hoping to catch most of you somewhere along the road this week, since we'll be covering a couple thousand miles. So, here's the schedule. I'm refraining from including addresses and phone numbers, because I'm in a bit of a hurry (some things never change), but our website is up-to-date and has more details about each location. So, check out our calendar at or By the way, if there's ever a time descrepancy between any of our schedules (website, myspace, jambase, emailings), let me know. The four of us are all trying to put in our fair share of computer work, and sometimes we don't all have the exact same information. Sorry if we're a half-hour off now and then. Thanks for all the recent support in San Francisco twice and at The Attic in Santa Cruz! That was an amazing show, and we can't wait to be back. We also had a couple great nights last weekend in El Portal and at the Evergreen Lodge. Thanks for the great turnout from out-of-town and the community love! Sorry to all of you who stuck around at the Evergreen long enough to see me break my fiddle in two. Turned out to be a pretty terrible night, but I'll fill you all in on that more later. I'll be playing a rental violin this coming week. All that to say, love ya all! So, here's the schedule:

Friday, Feb 23, 8:30, Sherwin's, Mammoth Lakes, $5; This was our very first venue in September, 2004: our first return since....

Saturday, Feb 24, 2:30, Canyon Lodge, Mammoth Mt., Mammoth Lakes; A powder weekend with free live music!!!!

Saturday, Feb 24, 7:30, Inyo Council for the Arts, Bishop, $7; A really classy spot in one of our favorite towns: super excited!

Sunday, Feb 25, 2:30, Canyon Lodge, Mammoth Mt., Mammoth Lakes; Same deal as Saturday. We play until 5.

Wednesday, Feb 28, 9:00, Jack Russell Brewery, Camino, near Placerville, $5; A new venue for us. We like that!

Thursday, March 1, 9:00, Shanachie Pub, Willits, no cover; Come bring the love and follow us up through Northern California.

Friday, March 2, 8:00, The Heartwood Institute, Garberville, no cover; We're looking forward to a different sort of vibe!

Saturday, March 3, 8-10, Muddy Waters, Arcata, $5; Followed by local Humboldt String band Wrangletown! Great venue!

Enjoy the actual winter weather we're getting! It snowed at least a foot on my students and me today, during the course of 6 hours! So beautiful, carpeting Yosemite Valley with magic everywhere! Pray for our safety on the roads this coming week, and we hope to see you along the way!

Snowflakes, seeds, and songs,
Sarah and The Trespassers

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Catchin' Up! - October 12, 2006

October is my favorite month! It's been gorgeous, unpredictable, exciting, and jam-packed for us in our Yosemite home. Last weekend was incredible at Bob's 21st annual Horseshoe Classic, which we're trying to change the name of to BOBSTOCK, as it's at least as much of a music festival as a horseshoe tournament. We played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights to a beautiful group of easern-sierrans and visitors from afar. We also enjoyed the musical inspiration of Triple Chickenfoot, an old-time string band from L.A., Shoestring Strap, a southern rock/country band from San Diego, Fiddlin' Pete and Cross Country from the eastern Sierra, and Blue Turtle Seduction. Of course the daily long soaks in the natural hot springs were quite a treat, as were the daily climbs in the Bishop/Mammoth region.

We're looking forward to the next few special October events that we'll be a part of. Our favorite local venue is throwing their own Oktoberfest party, BUGFEST, which will include six hours of live music, a beer garden, entertaining costumes, authentic Oktoberfest cuisine, and more. Beer and Music for a $10 door charge: seriuosly a fantastic deal! The Mad Maggies will start at 5:15, and we'll begin at 8:15 and play till after 11. To get to the Bug Hostel from Yosemite or Mariposa, take Highway 140 to Midpines (between Yos. and Mariposa). The Yosemite Bug Hostel and Lodge is on the southwest side of the highway, just at the top of the Bryceburg Grade, which descends to or ascends from the Merced River Canyon. About 9 miles east of Mariposa, 20 miles west of the Yosemite Park Entrance.

On October 21st we will be playing at a Woodstock-themed party near Bishop, once again in the Eastern Sierra. If you think you'd like to come party with us, talk to one of us, because our Mustang Mesa friends want all the fun to come along.

Friday-Sunday, October 27th-29th, get ready for a weekend to remember! The Evergreen Lodge is hosting their annual Halloween weekend music festival, put on by Blue Turtle Seduction. "LAS TORTUGAS DANCE OF THE DEAD" begins Friday evening with Tracorum at 9:15 p.m., followed by Blue Turtle Seduction, and The Trespassers will play a late-night campfire set! Camping and Lodging available. Saturday will include plenty of fun stuff for all, and the amplified music will kick off with Tracorum's Tasty New Orleans funk happy hour set at 5:30 in the Tavern. We will play from 7-9, followed by our Yosemite neighbors and friends, the Adam Burns Band, and Blue Turtle Seduction will close the night. Stay through Sunday for an acoustic brunch and post-party reflection and relaxation. Check out the Tortugas poster below, and definitely click on for more information. Call The Evergreen Lodge for reservation 209.379.2606. Friday only tickets are $15, Saturday only are $20, and two-day tickets are $30. Schweet!

Following Halloween The Trespassers will be taking a two-month break from performing to write new music, catch up on practicing, and rest a bit. We hope to have some special time with each other and our other loved ones, but plan to catch us again beginning in January, after the holidays. And don't miss BUGFEST and LAS TORTUGAS DANCE OF THE DEAD!

Love ya all,
The Trespassers

Broken bones and CD Release - July 29, 2006

The last two weeks have been pretty exciting for The Trespassers. Tuesday, the 18th, I fell to the ground, while rock climbing in Tuolumne Meadows and broke my wrist. The doctor gave me two options: cast, arthritis, and loss of range of motion; or surgery, quick heal, no arthritis, and full range of motion. Guess which I chose! So, with a $20,000 bill looming over my head (don't worry, it isn't bringing me down: I'm ignoring it), I'm taking a quick break from climbing and fiddling, but not hiking and singing! The last two weekends we've had Charlie Broten, an eastern sierra and bluegrass fiddle veteran, join us on stage. It has been such a treat for me to sing a bit more, while being inspired by Charlie's fiddle and soul.

Having a broken wrist has successfully slowed me down and forced me to make time for all those things on my summer to-do list: like remodeling our website and myspace, and catching up on personal time and inter-personal time. So, I've enjoyed learning as I go, finally familiarizing myself with a little more of the computer and internet, trying to catch up to those kids in the next generation who know their computers like they know the backs of their hands. Keep checking up on us and our website. And if you aren't already on our e-mailing list, join today!

Thanks to all of you who have checked in on me and my healing wrist. Surgery on Monday went really well, and I'm already able to do a lot of everyday stuff again with that right hand. I might be pulling the bow again by next weekend, and I'll be fiddlin my heart out as soon as I return from my August travels.

We had a fantastic show at the Tioga Mobil Mart on Thursday! We celebrated the release of our new CD, THE HIGH LONESOME RAMBLER, with cake and champagne, and by selling a whole bunch of CDs. We're proud of this album, the first studio-only Trespassers album, which features 12 original tracks, gorgeous artwork and design, and lyrics: all printed on a 100% recycled cardboard digipac. For now, you've got to come to a show to get the CD, but they'll soon be available on CD Baby and maybe elsewhere.

This coming weekend, we'll be on the road as much as on the stage, performing in Mariposa, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Strawberry. Check out our calendar to hunt us down at one or more shows. Definitely don't miss the Saturday night show at Connecticut Yankee in SF. 100 Connecticut at 17th St. on Potrero Hill. Check out their website for driving directions and a great live music lineup: Music starts by 10.

Hope to see ya'll very soon. Thanks for the love and support we've been feeling all over California recently. We're excited about continuing this adventure that we got ourselves into two years ago: so far, the journey is fun, surprising, exciting, bumpy, hilarious, and incredible!

Buds & Blossoms of The Trespassers - April 21, 2006

Well, yes, spring seems to have sprung, although it's raining outside at this moment.  Our precious Sierra Nevada has had quite the thrashing over the past two months, and the water is a blessing for many bodies and souls (and the snowpack will continue to offer that blessing for many months), but it's also created added excitement on the roads (getting to shows), on the slopes (learning how really to ride in powder), and in our work and home lives.  So, we're ready for the sunshine that graced us this past week and is supposed to return again in a few days.  It makes for easier, more convenient Trespassing, and isn't convenience what we're all about here is America? 
Quick update on the last two months of our life: lots of work put into the new CD, mostly all fun :), last night in the studio this coming Monday, yippee, should be done SOON!  Lots of ramblin' and music, although we had our longest break since Christmas (2-3 weeks to travel, visit family, find solitude in the desert).  We've all been working on writing and learning new music, which always adds freshness to practicing and performing.  We're getting ready for summer, crazy as it may seem, when we'll change home bases and stretch out our radius (if our Tioga Pass ever opens). 
Still hoping for some website renovation, so that folks can sign up for our email list, buy a CD, check out Trespasser photos.  In the meantime forward our emails to friends who like string band music, tell them to email us back, in order to get on our mailing list, or just email us a list of great people who like great music, and we'll take care of the rest.  Our email address is  Feel free to email us photos that we could potentially tack onto our website, when that day comes.  And keep track of us at   
So, we're gonna try not to get too caught up in the demands of technology and just keep playing our music! 
Come!  See you all over the place!
We love you all,
Sarah, Bronco, Tarantula, and BennyLee

Riding High through Winter - March 7, 2006

WOOOHOOOOOOO!  It's a good thing we like snow and music, because our life has been full of both!  The four of us are thoroughly enjoying the places that Trespassing has taken us and the people it has allowed us to meet.  I actually can't believe that we've only been back from our separate travels for two months, because they've been the busiest, richest two months in the life of The Trespassers.  And we're looking forward to more! 
Ben, Andy, and Ben are actually still in stormy Mammoth, after all of us spent the past week in the eastern Sierra between Tahoe and Bishop playing on instruments, skis, and boards.  There were sweet surprises, like tons of powder and the most magical Mardis Gras party at Rock Creek Lodge, along with all that we expected: memorable times with friends, fantastic music and dancing, scary winter driving....  February also saw us through a bunch of studio time recording our new album.  Our sessions went even better than we could have imagined, and we're practically finished.  A few more hours to go, mixing and mastering, and we hope to be putting this album in your hands in May.  Thank you to all of you who have made and will make this project fun, beautiful, creative, and exciting.
For the next month, we'll be ramblin' about the same amount as we usually are, trying to stay in the Sierra as often as possible, while the snow is good.  So, catch up with us as often as possible; join us on the slopes or in the backcountry and for the music that follows.  Keep track of us at our website,, and if you'd like to be on our monthly mailing list, email us at, and we'll plug you in.  Cheers to snow and strings!

Life as a Trespasser - February 12, 2006

Howdy, friends and ramblers~
The Trespassers are running alongside the bandwagon of the technologically up-to-speed music world, trying desperately to keep up, so we've begun an e-mail list to keep you all up-to-our-speed.  WOOHOO!   First of all, thank you all for your support, your friendship, your dancin' and hollerin', and thanks to so many of you for the faithfulness you demonstrate, driving around the state with us to give us warm fuzzies at each venue we play at!  We can't get enough of you! 
Trespassing keeps us all so busy that I forgot what it feels like to relax.  We are currently beginning a recording project that we hope to have done by April.  Two years ago we recorded our first album, half-studio/half-live, but our band was comprised of slightly different and somewhat fluctuating members.  There are still a few of those original albums floating around, but they're hard to come by and no longer being made.  One year ago, three of us recorded our second album, half-living room/half-bedroom, but BennyLee was away in New York for the winter, so that album doesn't properly represent The Trespassers either.  We still play all of the songs that are one that album, but we recognize that each band member is equally important (it's not the same without BennyLee or anyone else), and the raw sound that Andy's living room and my bedroom gave the album will also be hard to come by, as that album becomes only a collector's item.  We have exciting visions for this new album, and we have some incredible friends contributing their skills in photography, drawing, design, computer-know-how, and production, while Ben, Andy, BennyLee, and I continue to feed off of each other's musical inspiration.  We plan to go into the studio this coming weekend and spend as many hours in there as we need to, until....  You all have something to look forward to.
Our hope is to give you all a quick(er) hello/update ever few weeks or once a month.  You can stay up to date on our schedule, by visiting our website:..>..> , which we're also trying to bring up-to-speed right now, or by keeping track of us on .  Feel free to email a shout out or a howdy to us now and then, too:
We hope you all come out early and often, bring friends, dance up front, support the places that support us, and continue to give freely of your smiles, hugs, and great energy.  Carpool and always bring your dancin' shoes, often your skis, and sometimes your climbing shoes!  Keep spreading the love.
Here's to many more "greatest weekends ever!"
The Trespassers (Sarah Cupery, Bronco Ben, The Tarantula, and BennyLee)

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