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The Trespassers: Buy Our CDs

The High Lonesome Rambler - CD or individual MP3s

Our 2006 original album, titled The High Lonesome Rambler, is available at iTunes, and You can buy the MP3 of any song for $.99 each, or buy the entire album. Available digitally or as a hard copy.
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Western Front - CD or individual MP3s

Our newest album, with a theme surrounding California, coming West, and the West. Fourteen original tracks tell stories about our homes, adventures, experiences, the seasons, and what we love and hate about California. You can purchase the album in mp3 format or a hard copy from CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.
CD Baby
Search The Trespassers, and you'll find us. You can listen to a sample from each song.

Road Time: Live in California - Live CD

Our most recent album is a compilation of live recordings from 6 shows during the summer of 2011. 19 songs make this album a wonderful representation of our current music. The album includes about 8 original songs by each Andy Roberts and Ben Goger as well as a few traditional fiddle/banjo tunes. You will enjoy this album!

CD Baby has all our albums for sale.